About us


These are the pillars of Krown Jewelz that have brought this comany from its humble beginnings to its bright future. 

Humble Beginnings

  On  a sunny afternoon , with  only a dollar and a dream, Krown Jewlz was founded by Akin Tobee (Co-Founder/CEO) and Tyree T.Davidson ( Co-Founder) in 2002. Since then the company has been through many phases of internal progression before debuting as an LLC as  of 2015. During this time the company has come from  a small closet  in  a basement to  a network of people driven by a dream,determined to make it happen.

 Man with a Vision

 Behind every vision is a man who can make it happen. For the vision that is Krown Jewelz, that man is Akin Tobee aka GunSmoke (Fonder/CEO/Artist). Since 1997 he has given his all to his family,his business, and his craft. Like all those driven to greatness he has had to find a balance in his life to garner success. A balance between Father, Entrepreneur and Music Artist. A balance that can only be maintained by a man who works hard and plays harder.

Work and Play 

  As you have probably already figured out by the amount of pride we have for our founder, we recognize the hard work he does for this company and continues to do. However lets take a look at the man off the clock. When he's not planing advancement for his baby,[Krown Jewelz] he's planning for the advancement of his heart rate with his kids as they go midnight biking. When he's not thinking about his next deadline,he's thinking of new ways to win at the latest family video game.

The Next Level

  Krown Jewelz is always looking for ways to take things to the next level,whether its by maintaining the quality of our product. Whether its finding new ways to connect with you, or whether its looking into expanding into new industries, Krown Jewelz is always looking to learn from the past and reach into the future.

Bright Future

 Krown Jewelz is a growing and evolving business that aims to grow as its people do. That said we vow to never outgrow our core values Sweat,Determination,and Drive. We vow to show you that we value and appreciate your business and company, through top notch quality control and a wide array of platforms to convey all concerns and questions. We vow to show you the vision that drives us every day,that drives a company,that drives Krown Jewelz.

Well that was quite a mouthful huh,in any case if you 'd like to reach us you can relay any questions ,concerns,or just chat with us at all our social media links,and don't be afraid to like and follow us either lol and if you've got the time feel free to check out Krown Jewelz up and coming blog:Krown Jewelz Royal Court with your host Da Jesta

If you have any issues or concerns contact us at:   emails:   info@krownjewelz.com


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